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for epidemiologists and health professionals


    Legacy accounts

    A legacy account is one which was created on the Wepi platform prior to its changeover to Wepi Pro on 5 November 2020.

  • I created an account before Wepi changed to the new Wepi Pro platform. How does that affect my account?

    Your maximum number of questionnaires is set to the number of questionnaires you had when Wepi became Wepi Pro. The maximum number of questionnaire responses for a given questionnaire is limited to the maximum of 1000 or the current number of responses in the questionnaire. That is, your limit is "frozen" if a questionnaire has more than 1000 responses. Questionnaire active duration (the time period that users can add new responses up to the 1000 limit) is until 28 february 2021.
  • What happens when my questionnaire is no longer "Active"?

    An inactive questionnaire is considered finished. You can export, read, and delete records but Wepi Pro will not allow new records to be added. Purchasing a subscription will render all your questionnaires active and without submission limits.
  • Do I need to add a "registry of treatment: Responsability, Category, Finality" to each of my existing questionnaires? If so, how do I do that?

    Yes, if your questionnaire includes personal data. Once logged in, on the list of your questionnaires, choose the action "Modify the properties of the questionnaire" and enter the information for responsibility, Category, and Finality.
  • I just found out that Wepi Pro is giving messages to "contact the responsable" and is no longer allowing people to fill in any forms. I'm in a panic! How do I change this so they can continue filling in forms?

    You've reached the limit of your free account. You will need to purchase a Wepi Pro subscription for unlimited questionnaire responses. Contact to purchase a subscription.
  • Do I need to add the information "Contact details in case of incident on health data (GDPR)" to my account?

    Yes. Open the Settings (link on top of the screen) and enter your contact information there.
  • Free accounts

  • Is there any reason I cannot delete my free questionnaire and create a new one?

    No. You can delete an old questionnaire and create a new one as many times as desired. It will be active for three months.
  • My University hospital has an organisational level Wepi Pro subscription. How can I change my personal free account to the University Hospital and still keep my study/activity going?

    Contact us via the service desk form clearly stating the organisation's unit, division, requesting manager's name and email as well as any other pertinent information.
  • How do I cite Wepi in my dissertation/ journal article?

    APA Format: Epiconcept SA, (année). Wepi [Web application].
  • Presales

  • How much does Wepi Pro cost?

    A subscription to Wepi pro costs 500€ pre-tax/yr per user for the first 5 accounts of your organisation. The 6th and further accounts are 250€ pre-tax/yr per user. Contact to purchase a subscription and establish a contract.
  • What do I get with a Wepi Pro subscription that I don't get with the free version?

    There are no limits to the duration of a questionnaire, no limits to the number of questionnaires, and no limits to the number of questionnaire responses. See the chart below.
  • Free account Subscriber account
    Accessibility to Wepi Pro via the Internet included included
    Right to use Wepi Pro on a non-exclusive basis included included
    Certified Health Data Hosting included included
    Duration of use Active use of the account plus one year* unlimited
    maximum number of questionnaires 1 unlimited
    Questionnaire active duration (length of time for questionnaire responses) 3 months unlimited
    Maximum number of responses per questionnaire 1000 unlimited
    Maximum number of invitations sent per questionnaire 1000 unlimited
    Questionnaires available in ODK yes yes
    Support and assistance only on-line documentation Included (training and specific services by quotation)

    *free accounts expire and all data deleted if the user has not logged in for over one year.

  • How long will it take for my Wepi Pro account to become activated?

    Once payment is received, your account will be switched within two business days.
  • I am a student with a long-term and/or large study, would it be possible to get a free Wepi Pro account?

    We expect that three months and one thousand responses would be sufficient for student led studies. If that is not enough for your study, please contact to plead your case.
  • General questions

  • What's the difference between Wepi and Wepi Pro?

    Wepi Pro is a colloquial term sometimes used to distinguish Wepi after its change to a free/subscription model on 5 Nov 2020.
  • How can I … ?

    There are help documents ("Help" link on top of the page) that explain all the Wepi functions available inside Wepi once you are logged in.
  • I have come upon what I believe is a system error or bug. How can I report that?

    Contact the Wepi Pro team at the service desk.
  • Do you have a logo or some official text that I can put on my questionnaire or my web site so that people know that I have the legal right to collect personal data? Do you have something like "Data service Certified by the Ministry of Health"?

    You can place an informative text in your questionnaire or on your website that refers people to the following governmental website.
  • How can I delete my account?

    You can request this by creating a ticket via the service desk.
  • My service desk question has not been answered. What can I do?

    Free accounts and free legacy accounts do not include help or service support. Epiconcept will respond in a "as resources are available" manner for those accounts. Subscription accounts will receive a response within two business days.
  • Wepi functionality

  • I have hundreds/thousands of responses to my questionnaire, how can I delete them more than just one by one?

    There is currently no mass deletion function in Wepi Pro. This request has been made by others and has been added to the list of new functions to implement.
  • I'm leaving the project (or, the project manager has changed), how do I hand over my questionnaires to someone else?

    This cannot be done on free accounts. On subscriber accounts, please contact us via the support desk link on the top right of the screen once logged in.
  • The old Wepi platform allowed html markup which allowed for adding images. How can I add images or do text formatting?

    Adding images and text formatting has been added to the list of requested new functions to implement.
  • Can I brand my questionnaire with our organization's logo in the header? People feel more secure if they see our logo.

    This is on our list of requested functionalities for a future version of Wepi Pro.
  • How can I share the authoring of my questionnaire with another Wepi Pro account?

    This has been submitted as a new functionality for a future version of Wep Pro.
  • I have invited hundreds of people to my questionnaire. Only some of them have clicked on the email link. How can I remind all of the other people that I need them to fill in the questionnaire?

    Currently there is not a mass "resend invitation" function within Wepi Pro. Currently you can only resend invitations to individuals one by one. Updating this functionality to allow mass "reinvites" is on our list of new functions to develop.
  • How can I print out my questionnaire?

    Wepi is an exclusively online platform and there is no function for printing out the questionnaire. That being said, if you absolutely must create the questionnaire in paper form, the best would be to open the questionnaire in the "Enter data" tab and copy the text and paste it into MS Word and modify its form there.
  • When I delete a record from the listing, why does Wepi ask me the reason for deleting the record?

    This is something left over from the original Voozanoo system and is no longer used. It will be removed in an upcoming update of Wepi.