Price and subscription information

Web questionnaires
for epidemiologists and health professionals

Price and subscription information

Your access to Wepi : trial version or premium subscription

Wepi is available in two versions :

  • A free version : limited to 1000 files and to one survey at a time, open for a period of three months. Once this period has elapsed or the maximum number of records has been reached, no new recording is possible, but users retain rights to read, export and delete their data. Users of this version can then open a new survey, limited to the same duration, after deleting their existing survey. The free Wepi version does not have customer support. It has daily backups of all questionnaires and their records.
  • A “Wepi Premium” paid version, giving access to :
    • Unlimited number of questionnaires and recordings
    • Daily backups of all questionnaires and their records
    • Certified health data hosting
    • Professional user support.

Wepi subscription : our prices

The subscription price for Wepi is as follows :

  • 500 € HT per year and per user up to five users
  • 250 € HT per year and per user beyond five users

If you wish to subscribe for your entire institution, contact us so that we can send you a personalized quote.


Write to us at, specifying :

  • Your first and last names
  • Your home institution, if applicable
  • Details of your needs (number of accesses)

We will send you a personalized quote.