Web questionnaires
for epidemiologists and health professionals


Webcast - Tuesday 17 March 16:00 details

Come and learn how to use Wepi


  • Unlimited number of questionnaires and records
  • Conforms to the French governmental order for personal health information hosting
  • Mobile data collection with Android tablets and telephones

New to WEPI?

What's new with Wepi?

Wepi now includes a geolocation variable and a statistics tab.


The left side shows the count for missing values and the right side shows the basic "code book" information for each variable. You can filter either by anonymous guest or by the invited surveyor.

GPS Variables:

The GPS variable is either the type of question, "Where did the event take place?" (left) which allows the person filling in the questionnaire to place a pin on a map. Or one can use the GPS variable for "Where are you now?" type questions (right) which, when used on a smartphone or tablet, gets the position of the person through the GPS on-board hardware.