Web questionnaires
for epidemiologists and health professionals


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  • Unlimited number of questionnaires and records
  • Conforms to the French governmental order for personal health information hosting
  • Mobile data collection with Android tablets and telephones

Wepi is product of EpiConcept


New to WEPI?

What's new with Wepi?

We've opened up a new tablet option for completing Wepi questionnaires (see below).

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One-month autonomy for mobile data collection on a tablet

Right now we are testing the exact autonomy using a converted nook e-reader to fill in forms created with Wepi. We expect the battery autonomy to be about one month, but of course this depends on how many forms one fills in each day and how often backlighting is necessary. Because the screen uses e-ink technology, it is especially useful for outdoor data gathering activities. The process of converting the e-reader to a tablet with ODK Collect is a one-time task and takes about 30 minutes. Once converted, you simply enter Wepi's URL (https://www.wepi.org/odk) and your username/password to retreive your Wepi questionnaires and start filling them in. The nook device weighs 195 grams, has a 6 inch screen, is not fragile and can be found for less than 90 USD or the equivalent in GBP. Download the instructions here