Web questionnaires
for epidemiologists and health professionals


  • Unlimited number of questionnaires and records
  • Conforms to the French governmental order for personal health information hosting
  • Mobile data collection with Android tablets and telephones

Restoration of questionnaires

Dear Wepi Users,

We have finalised the restauration of your questionnaires and their data. We are very conscious of the trouble this interruption of service has caused you and we sincerely apologize for it. To find a silver lining to the cloud, this free Wepi service put in place for the health professionals community will, due to this experience, be more reliable and secure.

We thank you for your trust,
The Wepi Team

PS. If you encounter the least problem with your account, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wepi.org.

What's new with Wepi?

Your organization’s computer system can now speak directly with Wepi! (see below).

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New API (web service) gives you direct access to your Wepi data

Your organization’s computer system can now speak directly with Wepi! Wepi now has a new API (aka web service) that allows other computer systems to talk to and retrieve your data from Wepi. This allows you to integrate your data into your organisation’s databases and use the same analysis and reporting tools you usually use. Download this document and show to your IT team. They’ll have what they need to get your Wepi collected data in-house.



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