Web questionnaires
for epidemiologists and health professionals

ATTENTION : Starting Wednesday, 23 June, all date variables in the English user interface will adhere to the European standard of DD/MM/YYYY. Please inform your users of this change. The format is also shown next to the calendar icon to remind them.

Welcome to Wepi, an online tool dedicated to the creation of multicenter studies for healthcare professionals and epidemiologists.

Wepi is developed by Epiconcept, a Paris-based company specializing in epidemiology and public health information systems, based on Voozanoo, Epiconcept's exclusive technical platform.

Epiconcept has been certified as a personal health data host (HDS) since April 2019. This certification covers development, maintenance, support and data processing services for applications developed from the Voozanoo application base.

Your access to Wepi: free and subscription accounts

Wepi is available in two versions:

  • A free version: limited to 1000 records and one survey at a time, open for a period of three months. Once this period has elapsed or the maximum number of records has been reached, no new records are possible, but users can still read, export and delete their data. Users of this version can create a new questionnaire by deleting their current one. The free Wepi version has no customer support. It has daily backups of all the questionnaires and their responses.
  • A paid version "Wepi Premium", giving access to :
    • A limit of 100 questionnaires and 100 000 responses without time limits
    • Daily backups of all questionnaires and their records
    • Certified health data hosting
    • User support



Wepi is an Epiconcept product